Everything in my head all at once just for you.

I went for a run this morning and was attacked by giant mutant grasshoppers from outerspace.

In case you were wondering what living in Oklahoma was really like.

This week I also picked up a substitute teacher application because my mastermind plan is to do a little substitute teachering while the kids are gone during the day. Pluses? Home to give delicious store-bought cookies to my kids after school, and better pay than waitressing days, nights, and weekends at The Cheapskate Restaurant. Problems? I am stumped as to what I would possibly wear to an actual job where I would have to actually dress like a grown up. (What a buzzkill.)

The solution to my outfit fail? Put a freaking cardigan with it! Am I right? Sweaters are to teachers as beets are to black bears. Problem solved, easy breezy.

The kids are enjoying school so far. It’s been a week, and though we did have a few rough mornings with Merrick, the routine is getting easier. I’ve spent a lot of time with my friends and also cleaning the house. I have never, ever, kept this house so clean. Caleb stays busy with work even though he did take off on the first day of school to hang out and console me. I’m better now.

I’ve had plenty of time to walk/run/pitifully lift light weights. Weaning myself off the Advocare and I’ve lost almost 25 pounds since June when we started this whole thing. I feel soooooo much better in general and my energy levels are kickin’. Caleb, Cheyenne and I plan to sign up for a 5K run in October. I feel the need to create an awesome running playlist that lasts 30 minutes straight. My old MP3 player is getting pretty worn down and the buttons aren’t working, so I can’t scroll through and pick the songs I want–I have to hear a whole slew of them at one time, in alphabetical order. Which mean I listen to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” right before Watermark brings things down a notch with “Knees to the Earth”. So. Awesome.

And does anyone else ever listen to regular songs, say, like–and this is just off the top of my head–The Cranberries’ “Ode to My Family”, and picture white cats and kittens singing the words?

No one?


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