The Good Life

For those of you who don’t already know, my husband has started a new job, for a new company. It’s still in the car/finance industry, which I know nothing whatsoever about, but he is doing something slightly different, and so far, he. loves. it.

And so do I. All those days and nights he used to spend out of town, running all over Oklahoma and Arkansas and Missouri. All that traveling–and still his business suffered. He’d be worn out and cranky when he was home, stressed beyond belief and worried about the stability of his job. Freaking ludacris, that whole situation. He wasn’t looking for anything new, but when opportunity knocked, he began to seriously consider making a switch. It was time for a change.

The past several weeks have been so marvelous. Caleb has been local for the most part, traveling out of town maybe once a week–tops. He’s excited about what he’s doing–I can see it in his face and his posture and his attitude. He’s working hard and he’s actually getting somewhere, which I think he finds refreshing and encouraging.

The pay is more commission-based, and the salary is lower–theoretically we could be taking a major hit on the income front. But I’ll gladly deal with it since it means I’ll have my husband home more. The kids are tucked in every night by their Daddy. He’s able to drive them to school in the morning. He’s coaching Merrick’s soccer team. He’s got time now. And, man–for him to be energized and motivated at work, and for him to come home relaxed and happy….

Worth every penny.

Funny how we had worried and worried over his old job with his old company–where we were going, what kind of paycut he was taking, whether or not he was even going to be employed the following month. All of our stressing never had any effect on what God was doing all along–which was taking care of us and providing for us in one form or another.

We may not have brand new cars or iPhones with giant data packages. We might buy our shoes at Payless or TJ Maxx. We sit comfortably on a hand-me-down sofa and we sleep soundly in hand-me-down beds. We hardly ever eat at restaurants and we take family vacations once every other year, or less. We are certainly not deprived, and we are a far, far cry from poor.

But we have been beyond blessed–we have each other and we have our families and we have our friends and we have our God–all the super important stuff that no job switch or paycut will ever take away.

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