With a Clear Conscience

I will be so glad when the election is freaking over and one candidate or another has won.

Because personally? I’m not thrilled with either guy. But more awesomely, my house phone is blowing up between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. It’s ridiculous. And about half my friends have gone from being politically aware, to making sure we’re all politically aware; from curious to pushy; and from borderline annoying to just straight obnoxious. (3 words: HIDE ALL ACTIVITY)

Text from a friend who hasn’t bothered to call me in over a year: Hey Toni! How’s the family? If you don’t mind me asking, who are you voting for?

Me: Who is this?

Friend who hasn’t bothered to call me in over a year: It’s ______. We are good here, we are voting for _______!

Me: Oh for a second I thought one of those rude jerk-off telemarketer dudes somehow got my cell phone number.

He didn’t text back. One friend down, eighteen more to go! If that reply hadn’t worked, I would have had to shut him down by saying that my one vote was going to swing the entire election in favor of the other guy. Oops.

I’m a little put-off, to say it mildly.

I know who I’m leaning towards, and I have prayed about it. But when I go to the polls in a little over a week, there’s a reason I’ll be voting in my own private, curtained-off piece of heaven. Yessah! My windows are to remain brick-free!

I so love this country.

But the problems we have cannot be solved by the standing president alone, Romney or Obama. And may I just pose this question: if we pushed for Jesus and the Gospel half as much as we push for our favorite candidate, would our country even be in the trouble that it’s in today?

As Jen Hatmaker so eloquently put it in this post  a couple weeks ago:

“Our faith and outrage and hope and trust is misplaced in any leadership model other than Jesus’, who resisted all earthly power and position and rejected any political identification.”

And in case you didn’t read my last rant on the election, here’s some more of what I think: This election is most certainly about the economy. But I will not vote soley to benefit my bank account; I don’t think that the candidate who enables my family to continue living in spoiled comfortability is neccessarily the best man to be chosen. And I refuse to engage in heated debate with my family, friends, and fellow Christians.

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