December At My House

…is freaking awesome, right? Seriously, if you don’t live with me and my family, you’re missing out. We’ve dranken hot chocolate only 500 times in less than a week. We’ve had “Elf” and “The Polar Express” on rotation since Friday. Caleb and Merrick strung up our outdoor lights in an hour. And on Sunday after church, for the 8th year in a row, we journeyed out to Martinbird Tree Farm in Tuttle, Oklahoma, for an afternoon hay-riding, tree-chopping family fun.


Warm enough for short sleeves!

Warm enough for short sleeves!


We all enjoyed the complimentary hot cocoa, as evidenced by Merrick’s upper lip.

It was a little bittersweet, not being able to tote an 11-foot tree home on top of our old little green car. The worker elves remembered us and congratulated us on our new ride, though I think they were kind of disappointed at missing out on the laughs. Oh well. The Kia transports Christmas spirit just as good as any four-door 97 Saturn.

They actually did laugh at us every single year.

They actually did laugh at us every single year.

My husband who is brilliant and wonderful did most of the dirty work–you know, getting the tree inside the house, getting it on the stand, stringing the lights up, wrapping it with sparkly ribbon. That sort of stuff.



Merrick is…helping?



Okay so Caleb did all the work except for merrily decorating the tree with pretty ornaments without a care in the world. Me and the kids did that.



And it was hard y’all, because Merrick kept jacking with my pattern and I had to go all Martha-Stewart on him so we could wind up with this:



And if the thought of waking up to this Glorious Christmas Masterpiece isn’t enough to make you want to spend the holidays with us, just wait until this afternoon when I burn bake my first cookies of the season. Happy First Week of December, people! Hope it’s been as cozy and awesome so far for you as it has been for us!



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