Les Miserables

I thought all the singing would throw me off–because literally every word is sung. It was Cheyenne who informed me–after noticing my “this is totally awkward and I hate it face”–that we were at the theaters to watch a musical, afterall.

And so I sat through a disappointingly ugly Hugh Jackman sing without so much as popping an adamantium claw. Then I actually began to relax a little and enjoy.

And then freaking Russel Crowe started singing. And then he and Hugh Jackman started sing-talking, like the way my sisters and I used to do for no reason at all:

Give me my Barbie doll back, or you’ll regreeeeeeeeeet iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

I’m telling mom that you won’t shaaaaaaaaaare!

Except our music wasn’t pre-written or rehearsed. I ask you–who’s better suited for Broadway? Hugh Jackman and his vocal coaches, or Toni, Jenny, and Katie, who could make musicals in their sleep before they were 10 years old?

So anyways.

Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Karen from Mean Girls–they all sing! Quite beautifully, actually. The acting was freaking brilliant. And the story, oh the story.

I’ve never seen so much forgiveness and love all crammed into one 2 hour and 45-minute movie, which was amazing by the way, even with all the singing.

I guess I should read the book. Because I totally dug the general premise of the storyline: Love God, love people.

Be aware: this is very much not the PG-13 movie to take your 13-year-old to, in my opinion. I took Cheyenne who is quite the mature 16-year old but looking around the theater we did see some elementary school-aged kids, and I wondered what the conversations on the way home in their cars would be like. Themes be intense! Lots of prostitution and doin’ it and inuendo and whatnot, though most of it was tastefully handled, I thought.

Les Miserables? Super awesome, super moving. Worth every penny to go see in theaters and worth every awkward moment spent sitting through awkward singing. Loved it.

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