“In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins is a song I play over and over in my head whenever I start to get a sense of impending doom.

Maybe it’s because Christmas is over and winter is un-fun after December. Maybe because January usually means a massive financial crackdown, or a concentrated effort to loose holiday weight–or both. Maybe I’ve just got a bunch of pent up creative energy that will either cause–or is stemming from–a bubbling manic-depressive season. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s all the zombie/economic disaster/end-of-the-world science fiction books I’ve been reading.

Hey, it’s science-fiction people–that means it’s at least half true.

I feel like I’m living on the edge.

I haven’t even made a new year’s resolution. They all seem boring and impossible. Take for instance the last several years’ resolution examples: 1. Get a bangin bod. 2. Save more money for vacations and stuff. 3. Keep my house clean.

Likely goals for 2013 include: 1. Paint more. 2.Write a book complete with adorable illustrations. 3. Remember to buy groceries and keep food in the house.

Mia showed me a worksheet she did at school today. Here were her top 5 resolutions: 1. Be a better friend. 2. Help more people. 3. Be a better sister. 4. Face my fears. 5. Stand up for people.

Children never fail to put me in my place. Why can’t I show the maturity and selflessness of a third-grader?


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