Motivation, January-style.

Some things:

  • I am changing Noah’s name to 24601.
  • After much thought and debate, Cheyenne and I decided that the only actor capable of playing me in a movie would be David Cross.
  • You can totally see it, can’t you?
  • I got red converse sneakers for Christmas that I am proceeding to wear the crap out of.
  • I am painting a massive painting. For fun. Because I’m an artist and I do what I want.
  • I am going start offering private painting parties in this new year. Because I like to party.
  • I will also be doing art classes for children again starting in February. Because…I like to party.
  • I’m not allowed to conduct said classes in the garage; in fact, I’m barely allowed in the garage at all after The Great Pollock Incident of 2012.
  • Every wall of my house needs painting and every window blind needs replacing. Also could probably stand to get new carpet on account of 7 years with 3 big indoor dogs who love to poop and barf.
  • I really am changing Noah’s name to 24601.

Sneaky bastard.

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