Totes Inspired

…or totes insp? I’m not really sure what the cool way to say that is, which is a shocker since I am totes hip.

I am on a painting ROLL. I can’t stop cranking out awesome ideas, and mad art to go with them. It’s happening–and the people that order from me during this severe painting-mania will get the crazy crap coming out of my own head and nothing more. Because beyond what I’m inspired to do in the moment I’m inspired to do it, I got nothin.

I have one good friend who indulges me by asking me to do ridiculous projects for her photography business from time to time. And by ridiculous, I mean I never know what she’s got in mind but I know that I can’t possibly guess how much fun it usually ends up being or how good it ends up looking. Here I am in front of a giant blackboard that she made for Valentine’s Day portrait backgrounds:

Glorious playtime.

“Toni, I need chalk/grafitti/something/anything colorful and crazy. Can you do that?”

I think it’s God who makes sure that photographers and painters wind up friends. Because I was in my own personal 8ft X 8ft slice of heaven for the 2 half-days it took to complete the project.

I’m kind of sad that it’s over.

But I have plenty of things to keep me busy. I’m all the sudden doing private painting parties. And I’ll be starting up my children’s art classes again in February.

And dig, if you will, this massive painting of what is clearly the Emerald City in a field of poppies:

I call it, "The Emerald City In A Field Of Poppies".

I call it, “The Emerald City In A Field Of Poppies”.

Guess what? One night I felt like ripping up pieces of pink and red construction paper, and because I do what I want, I glued them all onto a giant canvas. It looked flowery. And boom!


It’s not super professional and it’s never going to be considered a great work of art, and I might never sell it, ever, but it was some damn good fun. And I feel like, since I’m an artist, and artists are traditionally poor and starving anyways, then I’d better be having fun while I paint; otherwise, what’s the point?

So that’s the first work of many coming up in 2013. I’m already halfway through a custom piece and I have a crud-ton more paintings in queue. If I had 8 arms and could do them all at once, I’d look funny.

But I’d be a happy camper.

Oh my gosh! Maybe I should paint a happy camper next.

If you’re in the Oklahoma City/Norman area and you’re interested in some wicked C-U-T-E Valentine’s Day portraits for your kids, check out Michele Morgan Photography. She’s one of the coolest people I know, and I need her to stay in business so I’ll always have someone to get in trouble with something fun to do.


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