Running Out of Steam.

I’m slowing down. January is freezing me, killing me, slowly. One cold day at a time. I hate it. I suppose I should get thankful to God for winter’s beauty or whatever but I’m pretty sure that I could live without it. Gotta have the bad to truly appreciate the good? I’m not buying it. I’ve got family and friends who post a picture of the beach everyday on facebook and exclaim how grateful they are. I think I have it in me to be one of those people.

It’s this time of year that I really feel like God is calling me to live in south Florida.


In other news, it’s really cold.

And in more other news, everything else is going so awesome. I’m going on a women’s retreat this weekend with my church girls (Sweet pickles, I do hope that cabin has a massive heater) and my art classes will resume in February. 6 weeks of glorious mess-making:and I’ll tell you that these kids are in for a treat. I’m talking Chinese watercolor and calligraphy, Greek vases, African masks, medieval illumination lettering…this party’s going to be crazy.

I’ve got to go back on my diet and exercise program. The holidays ruined my downward-weight-spiral and it’s time to get back on track. I’m once again hooked on sugar and coffee. I’m craving soup and cake and I’m tired as junk. I wish I could just eat my head off and then hibernate. If Cheyenne had the opportunity to turn me into a bear, I’d urge her to consider it ( though I probably wouldn’t have to twist her arm).

I would make the best bear.

The dogs do not love winter temperatures. They want to play outside, but they whine at the door to come back in whenever I let them out. They’re antsy in the house. I changed Noah’s name to Legion. He drives me the most bonkers. Mia unknowingly took my sweet revenge on him today, though, when she got out the dress-up clothes: He Who Must Not Be Named has been skulking around the house all day like a sir, in a black tie and also some Spider-Man knee pads (Merrick’s contribution to the canine costume). He’s not happy.

Which makes me very happy.

I’m totally kidding, I love my dog.

I have to say things like that every now and then so no one suspects me when he goes missing.

I’m kidding; I wouldn’t murder him.

I’d just drive him to like, Dallas, and see if he can find his way back. (“Wanna play a game, Noah? It’s called The Incredible Journey.”)

I’m kidding.


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