The Best Art Day

Yesterday I had the exquisite privilege of driving 2 hours away to a small town in the middle of nowhere…to do a painting party for the 3rd and 4th grade students of a tiny school where there is no art program.

It was one of the best things I have ever done as far as art goes.

The drive was beautiful and relaxing (I’d love to take it again in the fall) and I can’t even begin to describe how friendly the teachers were who invited me, or how precious and inspiring the kids were. I hope they all went home with their creative juices flowing, happy and proud of the painting they created.

I wish I could do it every day. The sad thing is is that there are many country schools that do not have the funding for an art program. My heart cries out for these sweet kids who are about to enter the trying years of middle school. Art was my escape and my therapy most especially during that time.

I took pictures of the kids and their finished product but I dare not post them online without permission of their parents. But I will keep them for myself and check them out whenever I need a smile.


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