This is the calm before the storm?

2 things: Art With A Heart at the end of February, and also? Dustbowl Arts Market at the Norman Music Festival in April!

I’m totally applying again this year. Problem: I have to crank out at least 3 new paintings before Friday so that I’ll have examples of how my art has progressed over the past year.

Whew. That’s just a lot for this ridiculously nauseated girl to handle.

But I’ll give it my best shot.

My husband got a freezer for our garage, to put dead pig in. One day we hope to also add half of a dead cow.

My family is really over school and sports and activities. Cheyenne is so burnt out, it’s not even funny. She’s got hours–literally hours–of homework every single night. She gets absolutely no break. I’m ready to sleep in until 7:30 every morning. Merrick and Mia are antsy, sick of being cooped up indoors. All five of us are just running on empty–and it’s not even our busiest season yet. I almost dread the start of baseball, and the thought of another over-extended May makes me want to cry.

How do we get ourselves into this situation every. single. year? Why do we sign up for so much stuff? It doesn’t seem like much in the moment: gymnastics class here, art session there, bible study once a week, sure I’ll volunteer for this or that, of course Merrick should play t-ball, and Caleb might as well coach him…

but it all adds up.

And we are tired. And we’re anxious. There’s something we’re forgetting to do, I know it. Every weeknight has a practice or a lesson or a meeting; every weekend has a special event.

We’ve left ourselves no time for important things, like family game night…

…or showering.

So if you know us, please be aware: We’re going to be cutting back on the number of schtuffs we get involved in. And also we probably stink.

Happy Mid-February people.


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