Art Stuff and a Baby Update

Because I was unable to participate in the official painting day at the OU Children’s Hospital due to my miscarriage scare, and because my little buddy Asher was sick that day also, his mom had the brilliant idea to team the two of us up here at my house. I could not have been more happy to be able to work with Asher on a beastly tiger-and-lion painting for Art With a Heart. If you haven’t checked out this out yet, I highly recommend clicking the link, because this mess is cool: kids who have beaten cancer or who are currently fighting it get to create paintings which are then auctioned off to help families. Also? The kids get to be rockstars–I’m serious. They get to ride in a limo and walk the red carpet and everything. Their art sells for waaaay more than any of my paintings ever will.

So that’s cool.

I knocked out 3 or 4 simple paintings to use on my Dustbowl Arts Market application. Last year I got in based off of a couple old piddly works of art, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Changes this year? I’m going to have some prints available, and I think I’ll be able to take credit and debit cards. Yay for impulse purchases!

Merrick was extremely helpful with the tiger. Actually he did the entire background and everything that's orange.

Merrick was extremely helpful with the tiger. Actually he did the entire background and everything that’s orange.

Pregnancy crud to get out of the way real fast: I go for the big getting-to-know-you appointment on Thursday. (As if I haven’t sat in their exam room covered in a sheet 3 times for 3 hours over the past 3 weeks.) I also get an ultrasound and some pictures of my baby. (I make that sound like it’s free, don’t I? It’s not.)

I have already warned Caleb that I’m about to blow up, like for real. Those cute little pictures of pregnant girls poking their bellies out in tight-fitting shirts, holding signs that say “21 weeks” or “33 weeks”? Yeah that will not happen. Not with this mother of 4; not after the 80 pounds I’m sure to pack on, on account of the amount of food I am having to eat in order to avoid vomiting. Morning sickness is sucknuggets. With Merrick I was a fresh pregnant little daisy. I lost 16 pounds. This one? I’m tired. I’m nauseous, all the time. I’ll take it though. The only temporary sick-fix is eating, and I only want to eat certain things.

So I do.

Yesterday? Fettucine alfredo. Today? Not sure yet, but I’m thinking it involves chocolate. And muffins. Chocolate muffins. Yes.

This is not going to be pretty. Also, Facebook followers beware: Mia is going on like a fiend, and she is “liking” names left and right. She is on a mission to find the perfect name for our new family member. So please disregard the long list of baby names that may or may not pop up on my wall. They mean nothing to me. (Sorry Mia.)


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