Dreams That The Flu Shot Down Today:

  • teaching Sunday school, going to church at all, or seeing people outside my house anytime, ever.
  • having my house smell like something besides funk and dog hair.
  • not hacking up a lung everytime I try to take a nap or sleep through the night.
  • getting rid of my massive migraine.
  • lessening the intensity of morning sickness.
  • cleaning out the garage before the snow hits tomorrow.
  • playing in the snow after it hits tomorrow.
  • dang.
  • getting my kids to do anything besides play “Temple Run: Brave Edition”.
  • watching something besides “The Karate Kid” movies…although to be fair, if we have to watch anything, there are worse choices.
  • getting Caleb to not look like a lost extra from “The Walking Dead”.

You get the idea. The flu is kicking our butts yet again. Merrick had it not long ago, then I had it, then Mia got it…and then Merrick got it again and then I did and then Caleb came down with the sickness and as we know, all dads go from zero to dying in .06 seconds.

Cheyenne’s been suffering more from sheer exhaustion than sickness, but I am still keeping an eye on her.

I’ve missed a crud ton of work, and I’m pretty sure Merrick has forgotten what it’s like to spend an entire day at school. Caleb had to back out of taking Mia to the annual father/daughter dance last night, and instead has promised to take her somewhere awesome once he gets better and things calm down; we’re probably two weeks out from that happening, but Mia is taking the news like a champ. Even she agreed that our family’s first order of business is “don’t let dad out of the house.”

Tomorrow we’re supposed to get lots of snow which I am stoked about, because  the last “winter storm” didn’t really give us much, and it was still fun. Assuming we’re all better by Monday afternoon, sledding down our hill is going to be awesome!

It’s a good thing we are getting this little bit of snow, because winter without snow was getting really old and I was hopping on trulia.com to check housing prices in south Florida a little too often. (By the way they’re a lot cheaper than I thought.)

My kids want guinea pigs so bad they can taste them.


It’s interesting, coming from the kids that can’t be bothered to water a hermit crab once a week, or pick up their dirty clothes or shoes or toys or…anything.

Went to the doctor Thursday and got the standard 8 week treatment: tons of paperwork, an hour-long Q&A session with the nurse, followed by the “what not to do during pregnancy” lecture. and because this is my fourth child you’d think I just zoned out, but for some reason panic struck, and I was suddenly concerned about every. little. thing.

Also? I have to take an early diabetes “drink-that-nasty-flat-orange-soda-liquid” test. Apparently I have ginormous babies, although at no time did I ever have gestational diabetes or any complications whatsoever throughout any of my pregnancies.

I just know how to grow ’em.

Also I have to see a high risk specialist because of changes my doctor’s office has made to policies. Which would mean a super-duper in-depth ultrasound later on down the line, which could mean we could detect craniosynostosis–if our baby has it–before he or she is born, which could be good or bad, but I’m leaning towards bad because I’m not sure I want to know ahead of time. I mean, there’s nothing anyone can do until the child is at least 4 months old anyway.

I don’t care if my sweet baby is severely deformed because I will love that beautiful child no matter what, and we will adjust and handle and then just generally go on being bad-ass.

But speaking of ultrasounds, I had yet another one and the baby was there, floating around like a pulsating amoeba, heartbeat and everything. Such a wonderful sight.

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