Choosing the Good Stuff

Thinking happy thoughts today:

  • Even though I’m plagued by profound fatigue, and I’m tired and I don’t want to do anything in the morning, I’m thankful for my job–perfect hours, perfect pay, perfect bosses. Hilarious factory workers that I get to listen to. A beautiful country drive during which I pass a whole mess of prairie dogs, and that of course would make anyone happy. I love my job and everything about it. Also? When I was driving home yesterday, the radio station played “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” back to back with “Meet Me Halfway”. People, it doesn’t get any better than that.
  • I’m seriously bustin’ outta my pants, and though it’s not entirely the baby’s fault, I’m thankful for a thriving pregnancy (and friends who readily lend maternity clothes).
  • Our family’s schedule is freaking bananas, but I’m thankful for talented, healthy, driven children who love to play and learn.
  • Cheyenne is chomping at the bit to be grown up and out of the house, but I have every confidence in her ability to pwn at life when the time comes for her to actually move out on her own. (Praise God that we have a whole year before this situation comes into play.)
  • I don’t know how I’m going to get all my art related stuff done (Dustbowl, commissioned paintings, private art lessons, gallery night, art days for charities, etc.) but I’m thankful to have so many opportunities to paint and work with children.

That said, today at art lessons, we’re doing faux stained glass. The theme for today is art in the middle ages and in my quick research I learned that a lot of the art during that time was made for churches–and the churches made the art so that people who could not read (or: almost everybody) could learn about Jesus. See? Art is educational and has been for several hundred years.



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