Naming Humans is Hard, y’all.

…Especially when you have a husband.

Dreams Caleb shot down yesterday: Susannah, Bernadette, Genevieve, Iris, Dinah, Celestine, Francesca, Roxana, Nora, Leonardo, and Raphael.

Here’s what I like to think about a lot: Ninja Turtles.

When it comes to naming kids, Caleb and I have never exactly seen eye to eye. In fact the whole process could very well lead to divorce. I am an artist so I am allowed to pick whatever the heck name I want; sometimes my choices are pretty off the wall. Caleb is practical and traditional, which are both fancy words for boring. In many things we blend so well, but on this? We clash.

Le sigh. What’s a fancy girl to do?

Well, we have developed a logical procedure of compromise: I write down 500 of my most favorite names that are dear to my heart, and Caleb crosses out the ones he severely hates with a passion–or, 99.5% of them. So the names that are left are ones that I like and that he can tolerate somewhat.

It works out.

And, serious question here: is it okay to name a baby the same name that you had picked out for another baby that didn’t make it? Example: I pretty much called my last baby “Lucy” from the minute we conceived. I just knew she was a girl. And for once, Caleb had agreed. “I thought we could name her Lucy Marie,” he admitted to me tearfully on the night after we miscarried. And now…here we are, almost 3 whole years later, with a baby on the way. I still love our name. But saying it still breaks my heart. So for us, Lucy is out. I’m curious to know how many people would or wouldn’t lean that way. What would you do?


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4 responses to “Naming Humans is Hard, y’all.

  • Jeralyn

    How about the name Cameron? Boy or girl it works.. Camie and Cam for short and it begins with “C” like Caleb’s

  • Melissa

    When my sister in law lost her baby early on, she had named her Lily. She still thinks of her angel baby as Lily, and her next child she gave a completely different name. I totally get that.

  • Katy (@birdonthestreet)

    I wondered if you were considering Lucy and then I remembered, “no, Lucy was the baby that didn’t make it.” I think it’s natural to name your children–even the ones that here only briefly.

    My husband I name babies the exact same way as you and Caleb. I suggest one million things, he shoots almost all of the down, and we name the baby whatever we’re left with. Baby number four was the only time where we ever even debated for very long–I thought maybe I was going to get an Edward/Teddy, but changed lanes on me at the last minute.

    Oh! Baby names I never used (in case you’re shopping)



    I feel like all of your children have adventure names though–don’t ask me what that means, that’s just the “vibe” I get. Like you could have a Colton or a something like that.

    • Toni

      Lol Katy. Surprisingly Caleb left all my nature/word/hippie names untouched, along with the super-classic, traditional stuff I submitted just to be fair. I’m so glad you settled with Rex–I love all your names. And Elodie is really beautiful!

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