My Own Personal March Madness

Life is good, because I have 5 full sized paintings to knock out before the middle of April and some tentative illustrations for a tentative book that a friend of mine is working on. What was that last part? It was awesome, that’s what it was–and I can’t keep awesome things to myself for very long at all. No details, just happiness and fingers crossed.

As far as human trafficking/Project Hope goes, I have been contacted. I have not set up anything definite yet but the powers that be want me to come in at some point and discuss ideas and/or jump right in with an art project. I think they must be very busy because communication is through e-mail about once a week. Caleb is sweet–in the beginning he was all like, “No way you’re going to the worst neighborhood in OKC all directionally-challenged and pregnant.” And now his stance is this: “I know this is something you need to do, and I will just go with you if I have to.”

Can we just stop and applaud for a second? Because I love that man, you guys.

Our little baby was going buck wild at my latest doctor’s appointment, making it difficult for the nurse to find its heartbeat. But she did, and it was strong, and we are reassured for another month.

And what’s really great is that my littlest little sister’s baby boy Rylan is fat and happy and cute as a button. My other little sister’s baby boy is thisclose to being born. My parents just celebrated their 35th anniversary.

I got through the second season of Downton Abbey and I’ve turned into a total sap in the process. I mean a tearful, clutching my heart, eternally sighing sap.

The kids are on spring break and I got to sleep until 9:00 this morning. I want to take them somewhere today that’s cheap and fun. I was thinking art museum but I’m pretty sure they’ve got the Chic-fil-A playground on their minds. I’m totally okay with both.

I’m getting a little tired of the soft tacos and would really enjoy some shrimp and grits, perhaps some crawfish with some remoulade sauce. May have to talk Caleb into a quick summer vacation to New Orleans. Surely I can travel just a little bit at 6 months pregnant? I don’t know how long I can suppress a beignet craving.

That is all.


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