How I Know I’ll Be Okay.

I woke up this morning singing “Ghetto Supastar.”

Much to everyone’s dismay.


Cheyenne: “Ug. Mom. I hate that song. Stop it. Worst song ever.”

Me: “How would you even know? You’re too young to know that song.”

Cheyenne: “I know! No teenager should know this song! But you sing it all the time. I know all the words.”

Me: “Quit being so dramatic. You can’t possibly know all the words.”

Cheyenne: “Ghetto Superstar. That is what you are. Coming from afar. Reaching for the stars. Run away with me. To another place. We can rely on each other. Uh-huh. From one corner to another. Uh-huh.”

Me: “Oh.”

Cheyenne: “Please. For our sanity.”

Me: “But you clearly haven’t learned the rap part yet!”


Not everyone appreciates the music of the late nineties. I guess it is sort of bad when my 4-year-old rolls his eyes at my singing. Whatever. I am undeterred.

Today it’s supposed to storm like nobody’s business, and then drop in temperature from 80 degrees to like, 20 degrees. And then we’ll get a winter mix that’s supposed to knock out power and make for difficult travel tomorrow. Seriously? How messed-up can April get?

Caleb and I went over this season’s ball schedule for Mia and Merrick. We were exhausted just thinking about it. Someday we’re going to form a league called “The Baseball/Softball League for Parents and Children Who Aren’t Stone-cold Crazy and Don’t Want to Devote Every Waking Hour To Practices/Games/Tournaments/and Formal Instruction That Costs Extra Money.”


Not really sure what the organizers are thinking. I mean, if I’m tired of ball, I know the kids are tired. And we’re not even a quarter of the way through the season.

That is all.


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2 responses to “How I Know I’ll Be Okay.

  • Katy (@birdonthestreet)

    I have always loved your taste in music–it is eerily similar to my own.

    Right after Charlie was born, and had been in the hospital a couple of weeks I heard “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” on the radio and knew that I would be happy again. It was fleeting and a I had a ton of crappy days after that, but it was a moment.

    Just yesterday I told my husband that things were feeling “tornado-y.” Keep safe, y’all!

    • Toni

      Yes, we must include gangsta rap with our Cyndi Lauper because otherwise a girl is just not well rounded enough.

      No tornadoes here, at least not this week! You guys stay safe too–most of the time I think our weather heads that direction.

      I have got one illustration fully colored for you–the other one is half-finished but looking good, I think. I can’t wait til you see it!

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