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I had the best Saturday at the Dustbowl Arts Market this past Saturday. I hung out with my bff, ate some jalepeno pretzel bites, listened to live music, and saw bunches of unique local art. I sold paintings that have been sitting in the back of my closet for ages. The prints I ordered were a hit. And getting set up to take credit cards was the best thing I ever did as far as the business side of art goes.

Also, I got inquiries on illustrating a children’s book. How cool is that?

Sunday I taught another Sunday school lesson about a story in the bible I had never heard: the defeat of Ai. There was military trickery, and a city on fire and it was just epic. Makes me want to delve deep into the book of Joshua. I probably learned more than the kids.

One thing about that story: People in the bible had to listen to some very specific instructions from God to obtain a very specific future. Sigh. I sometimes with I could get such clear-cut directions. Outcomes to every situation would be spelled out beforehand, and that’s just super convenient.


  • We do have the Bible which is like an actual guidebook.
  • And thanks to Jesus, we have the ability to pray and communicate with God every second of every day–don’t have to wait til some dude climbs a mountain, sits in a cloud, and hikes back down to tell us what God says. That’s pretty freaking great all by itself.
  • Also we don’t have to kill pigeons every time we do something wrong.
  • And P.S. I sure do love the concept of mercy as I am constantly messing up.

Question:Do I show others the love and compassion and mercy that I’ve been shown?

Answer: Not enough to count for anything. Shame on me.

Goal: Pray to get better at that…and then get better at that.

Something that always makes me laugh:

 Sometimes I wonder if Caleb wrote this song.


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