Time-outing myself.

My name is Toni and here’s what I like: new tubes of paint, blank canvasses, coffee, air condition, giggling kids, New Mexico, northwest Florida beaches, House Hunters International, zombie movies, coffee, talking to my mom on the phone, hiking in the woods, doodling on my hand with a permanent marker, gabbing with my friends over a pot of coffee, fresh blackberries, and coffee.

Here’s what I don’t like: …


Oh! Sweeping up dog hair 15 times a day, a six-month long softball season, and not being able to drink coffee.

And here’s what I believe in right down to the core of my very soul: Jesus.

What does that involve? Responsibility. Accountability. Love. And almost every other good thing you can think of.

And sometimes–sometimes–it involves sticking to truths that not everyone in this day and age agrees with. Sometimes it means that, no matter how lovingly I state a belief, people will be angry with me.

It means knowing that God made me and everyone else in the world. It means knowing that God rejoices over us with shouts of joy and singing. He delights in us. He loves each one of us. And it pains Him when we turn away.

Loving Jesus means knowing that life is so much bigger than me. God is so much stronger than all my problems. And heaven is so much better than anything I can imagine.

But just for kicks and grins, let’s imagine that heaven is New Mexico on the beach while drinking coffee with my mom at an air-conditioned painting party for my friends to the background noise of giggling kids. Plus I get to have all my babies with me. I’m so totally glad we’re not made for this world.

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