Here’s an excerpt of the step-by-step instructions for starting a non-profit. Let me just read this to you in my official voice: “Step 2: contact your Secretary of State to obtain…”

Contact my Secretary of State? Who are we talking about here? Like, THE Secretary of State? You mean, me contact them? I can barely call my mother without breaking out in hives right now.

“Step 3: File the Articles of Incorporation…”


You guys see how ridiculoso this is, right? I know it must be done, but the verbage is killing me. KILLING ME.

I went to so my heart rate would slow down a bit. And it did. That mess looks a whole lot easier. Think I’ll go with that. As soon as Caleb gets home to do it for me.

Bless him.

Starting a non-profit is bananas y’all.

My head is spinning with ideas, so many that I can’t even write them all down fast enough. Ideas for fund-raisers, ideas for art projects, ideas for people to help…ideas for paintings of my own. There’s no way all the walls in my house could hold everything I’d like to do. I’ve got to start selling my art–as soon as Caleb gets home to do it for me. He will have to be my paperwork guy and my art pimp all rolled into one. He’s the people-charmer and his brain thinks in facts and figures–we were meant to be paired together in this life.

In other news, I painted some shoes. It was fun. I’m taking the kids to swimming lessons. They like it. Cheyenne is coming home the day after tomorrow. I can’t wait.

That is all.


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