Oh The Messes We Will Make

I’d like to say I’m not totally obsessed with this fall’s art session; that I’m not excited about the thought of ordering canvasses in bulk; I’m not at all giddy about watching the kids break in new paintbrushes.

But I am all those things. This fall session is going to be awesome.

We’ll create. We’ll dream. We’ll get up close and personal with flowers and junk like Georgia O’Keeffe. We’ll learn from the courage and honor of Horace Pippin. We’ll cry over the heart breaks of Van Gogh. We’ll figure out what’s up with Dale Chihuly’s pirate eye. We’ll make our town smile with mystery art like Banksy’s.

We will have paintings and sculpture and heart. We will think outside the box and break out of our bubbles. We will do serious art and we will love every stinking minute of it.

And gallery night? Well I’m starting to wonder if our town’s local library will be big enough to display all the awesome stuff we’ll do.

All my students happen to fall in the kindergarten through 4th grade range. I think back to my public elementary school art days, and I’m not sure I had the opportunity to use much more than color pencils and construction paper. But these guys will be spoiled as far as supplies go. I’m so stoked.

They may not paint a realistic still-life of a bowl of fruit (they may not paint anything that looks like much of anything to anyone), but if I can get them to open up artistically; to love and appreciate a variety of works from all kinds of artists, both traditional and non-traditional; to bubble over with ideas and enthusiasm; and to take pride in their creations–then I will have met my goal.

I’m so excited.


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