Funk, School, and Funk in Sunday School

It took longer than I thought, but one of my kids is sick. With the start of school, I fully expected this to happen last week. Mia is down with the fever. It’s good times around my house. It’s just a matter of time before Merrick’s school nurse calls and asks me to come and pick up my son. Is anyone willing to put money on this? I’m betting 2 days tops.

Cheyenne is busy busy busy. Turns out, 12th grade is not quite the walk in the park that she had heard about. It’s hard classes and ungodly amounts of homework. I told her that this sort of pressure lasts until summer, at which point she’ll get a few weeks’ break, and then after that, she’ll have college and a job to worry about. And then comes real life when she has a career and a family and bills and all kinds of fun stuff to keep her stressed out for the next 70 years until she dies.

Just call me Toni the Great Encourager.

We cut off our Direct TV. For us, it was useless. We had the very smallest package available, and other than kids’ channels, there wasn’t much to entertain us. News? We get it online. Weather? There’s an app for that. “Good Luck Charlie”? Netflix should tide us over. Caleb doesn’t really watch a whole bunch of sports on tv and the only thing I was semi-addicted to was “House Hunters International”.

I do miss that show. But I like the $30 we’re not pointlessly throwing away.

My parents are planning a visit in October and honestly I can’t even think about anything else. I miss them so much! Plus they’ll be here for our small-town hometown homecoming week. It’ll be like a tourist attraction: “What it’s like to live in freaking Mayberry in the fall.”

Seriously. And I love it. This past summer has been so pleasant. No scorching 115 degree August days. No horrible dead air. I think it’s probably safe to assume that the coming fall months will be downright perfect. Pumpkin patches, hot cocoa, chunky sweaters…can’t you just picture it?! ! Does anyone else suddenly want to run out and get a golden retriever puppy? Anyone? Or is that just me?


Our first weeks of Sunday school have been great so far. Cheyenne is now my co-teacher. Those 2 and 3 year olds are hysterically funny. One kid can actually do the worm. If warning bells are sounding in your head right now because we’re break-dancing during Sunday school, let me explain: We often dance awesomely, to awesome bible songs. Nothing gets these kids in the mood to pop ‘n’ lock like these lyrics: “Whenever the Lord! Raised up a judge! Whenever the Lord, raised up a judge for the Israelites!”

Please note that–although I have mad skillz–I did not teach anyone the worm. And also: we are not limited to the worm. I have some very talented twirlers in my class. Little kids be cray. Either that, or their parents are dragging them to zumba 7 times a week.


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2 responses to “Funk, School, and Funk in Sunday School

  • Joell

    A. Emma came down with a sore throat last Friday morning. Day 5 of school. Gotta love the cesspool!
    B. Jacob woke up with a sore throat this morning. Thanks, Emma.
    C.I totally support and encourage break dancing in Sunday School. All the cool kids are doing it! I want you for my Sunday School teacher. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Toni, u R awesome! That is all:)

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