A Big Job

Something I’m pondering real quick this morning: representing Christ wherever I go. It’s a big job and most days I worry if I’m up for it. But guess what? Because I’ve made known that I believe in Jesus, I’m a ¬†representative whether I like it or not.

Same goes for any of us who claim to be Christians. If you’ve said it, even in passing, at work, or school, or among friends–you are immediately under constant scrutiny. People–maybe only a few people, maybe a lot of people–are now watching you.

If you think no one notices when you gossip, even if it’s just for 2 minutes and it’s not totally tasteless, SOMEONE NOTICED.

If you think that no one cares that you go out drinking after work, even if you only have 2 beers, SOMEONE CARED.

If you think you’re justified in your anger towards your boss and it doesn’t matter to anyone that you switch all the tags on all the items in the store right before inventory and right before you quit that job, IT DOES MATTER. (And it’s totally uncool, btw, because then the people that still work at the store have to spend 5 extra hours fixing your hilarious* joke.)(*=not hilarious at all.)

And if you proudly describe yourself as a Christian on your facebook profile, and you consistently post long, angry rants about sitting in traffic, or you share questionable photos, some person–who would otherwise be down for finding out more about Jesus–just become uninterested.

Someone has taken your every action and your every word straight to heart…and chalked up 10 points to the side of the board that reads: “Reasons that all Christians are full of crap.”

That side of the board might also be titled: “Reasons that Christianity is bogus.”

This most certainly applies to people who casually throw around the Christian label, but it goes doubly (even triple-y) for the guys who go to church and quote the bible every so often. Not only are people watching, they are WAITING. Waiting for you to slip. Waiting for that proof.

No one is perfect, no one. And rather than ask you to stop saying you’re a Christian, I’d challenge you to walk that walk and actually follow Christ. Study His word. Stay close to Him in daily prayer. Show love to those around you. And be mindful of what you say and do in His name, knowing that IT’S ALL IN HIS NAME.

On the flip side of this, if you are into walking with Jesus, think about what a tremendous opportunity each day holds, right where you are. Work, school. At the grocery store, whatever. You can be a shining light in someone else’s otherwise dark world. You could be that one person who smiles at them and befriends them for real. Even if they never accept your invite to church, or they never want to hear about what Jesus has done–be their friend. And let their takeaway be this: “Well. There really are people who live out what they say they believe. There really may be something to the whole Jesus thing.”

Just something to think about.


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One response to “A Big Job

  • Joell

    YES, girl! We are a 24/7 living breathing advertisement for –or against– Jesus Christ. There was a song from WAAAAY back that said “You’re the Only Jesus some will ever see.” And if your representation of Jesus is whack, they might just write Jesus off. Each day I ask Him to help me love as He loves and to be who He wants me to be. And I pray for grace, because I know I will fail Him. I also think it is important that people see Christians walking in that grace and forgiveness knowing that we are still loved by God in spite of our imperfection. If I could be perfect, I wouldn’t need Jesus. It’s because of that, that I do.

    Another FANtastic post, girl! Right ON as usual.

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