Fighting Actual Insanity

Today my daughter is wearing a sleeveless shirt to school–the vile temptress.

Note that I didn’t say a cami, or a tank top. I mean an actual shirt that just doesn’t have sleeves.

You may not know it, but by showing bare arm, Cheyenne will be sticking it to the man. Why? Sleeveless shirts are against school dress code.

Which by itself sounds reasonable enough, honestly. Girls and boys are always pushing the line. You let ’em wear one sleeveless shirt, and soon enough they’ll be running around in spaghetti straps, right?

Here’s the alleged logic behind the rule: The sight of a girl’s exposed arm/shoulders could send our boys into such a sexual frenzy that they would be unable to concentrate on learning.


Now, if that’s true, I think we have a way bigger problem than any dress code could solve. Those kids need to be locked up. (Plus, aren’t there countries where women are forced to cover up their entire bodies so as not to cause men to sin in their hearts? I’ll answer that: Yes there are, and it is indeed whack.)

And yet, I have a lot more confidence in our town’s young men. I really do. I mean, shoulders? Of all the parts on a woman that could be considered arousing, we’re cracking down on shoulders?

You might assume that the people in charge are also banning the very idea of bare leg above the knee–but you would be wrong. So wrong. I have seen more upper thigh at that high school than I’ve seen at a night club. Finger-tip length is the guideline, but if a good-looking girl has short arms and wants to wear some spandex daisy dukes? There are authority figures that clearly don’t mind. It’s a double-standard that unfortunately smacks of perversion.

(I won’t even begin to address the cleavage issue.)


The same rule-makers and rule-enforcers that ban sleeveless shirts because it might inspire lustful thoughts ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT ALLOW songs like 50 Cent’s “Magic Stick” and Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” to be played at football and baseball games, where families with small children pay $5 per person to come and cheer for the team.


I wish I were joking.

The lyrics to these songs are positively asinine and so sexually vulgar that I won’t bother going into it (on this blog that small children don’t even read). However, if you’re a school official and you’re reading this: I highly encourage you to look them up. And then STOP playing them in places where I take my 5-year-old son and my 9 year-old daughter. Heck, we don’t even have to be at a game–their innocent ears could get an STD while we’re playing at the public park next to the baseball field.

Here’s my kids on the way home: “Watch me super soak that hoe!”

Thanks Blanchard School System!

Why is it okay to blare this stuff at community events like a hometown football game? Why is it okay to allow our sons to listen to music that refers to women as “hoes” at school functions, but it is not okay for our kids to wear sleeveless shirts in 100 degree weather?

And also:  I didn’t want to go here, but do you know what cheerleaders wear on Fridays during school and at games? Shocker: A SLEEVELESS SHIRT that not only reveals arm skin, but also pretty much the entire back. Like, it’s racer-back. And don’t forget the short skirt–though boys will be so overcome at the sight of the cheerleaders’ arms, that they should be completely unconcerned with the upper 3rd of cheerleaders’ thighs showing.

This uniform was no doubt chosen and approved by the powers that be. Cheerleaders wear it in the classroom and they represent the school with it at every game, jumping and waving in front of the entire student body and the town. This is okay with everybody.

The hypocrisy is outrageous.

And I have nothing against cheerleaders. I love a cute uniform as much as the next person but I find it, um….WRONG that my daughter gets called out and sent home for something that is perfectly conservative and appropriate for school. (My rule of thumb: if a preacher’s daughters can wear it to church on Sundays, then it really should be fine.)

My proposed solution won’t score me any popularity votes: knee-length shorts (or how about pants?) and regular sleeves across the board, for everyone–including cheerleaders–during school. Football games? Fine. Wear your uniforms and tank tops. Surely we’re all capable of controlling ourselves for at least 2 hours a week.

Sigh. I could go on and on. I think I made my point.

Toni out.


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2 responses to “Fighting Actual Insanity

  • Joell

    burning my eyes. Booty, topped off with a blonde ponytail with a giant green bow. smh. I mean really, they sent my daughter’s best friend home one day last year when she was wearing a dress that came to her mid-thigh. Cray cray. And the booty dancing music…yep, know exactly what your are talking about.

    But apparently, the bare arm will be the downfall of us all. Yep. Cheyenne is such a rebel! You WEAR that sleeveless shirt, girl!

    • Joell

      Okay, so that is weird. Only half my comment posted…hmm. Let me try to remember the first half.

      Yeah, what was burning my eyes was the sight of a cheerleader in her uniform at school one morning when I dropped Emma off. The school that has the same fingertip length shorts/skirt rule and the four finger width strap rule as Cheyenne’s school has. And all I could see was booty…And I also said that whole mess was a big ball of cray cray. OY. Feeling sure they did not send little miss teeny bopper cheerleader home.

      Oh the double standards abound, do they not?

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