5 acres and a chicken.

We bought property so we could stay in Oklahoma until we die.

I’ve been walking around singing “We got 5 acres” to the tune of “We Are The Champions”, and Caleb spent all of yesterday afternoon chainsawing weeds on our soon-to-be driveway. So yeah, we’re excited.

The kids will eventually have to switch schools but we’ll still be going to our church and playing sports right where we have been for the past 5 years. Mia and Merrick are mainly concerned with getting their own rooms, and also with owning chickens.

We’ll be moving about 15 minutes away from our current location, near a town called Chickasha, and–I hope this offends no one–this town? There are cute parts, but if the zombie apocalypse were to start anywhere in the world, it would be in Chickasha. I’m sure of it.

And if you’ve been there, you probably kind of agree.

So what with its walking-dead vibe plus all the cornfields (aliens–duh), Chickasha, Oklahoma should surely be the last place you’d expect to find me. I’m facing my fears by building a house here, people.

Time to start stocking up on torches and pitchforks.


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