Questions for the more experienced house builder.

Hey, so: countertops for someone who is going for a somewhat farmhouse-industrial vibe–what are some cheap but cool options? Is stainless steel expensive? Has anyone ever tried concrete and hated it? What’s so great about granite? Will we regret butcher block? Is formica for losers? Don’t even get me started about backsplashes. My brain will erupt.

And what about floors? Downstairs we are rolling with sealed concrete, but upstairs I’m thinking cheap carpet sounds awesome. But what about the bathroom? What do people do these days for floors? Showers? Are pedestal sinks practical?

And btw, we are on a major budget here.

This whole building thing is only stressing me a little bit. Last time we built a house together, “we” did not build it. The contractor presented us 2 or 3 choices, and we eenie-meenie-mynie-mo-ed until we came up with something the contractor’s decorator agreed with.

What really freaks me out is the thought of selling the house. Do you know we’ve put 8 years of intense wear-and-tear on this place? It’s going to take 8 years to clean it all up. We have done some serious living in our house–and it’s been good to us.

So I’m wondering: does anyone have any fun advice on the little things about houses? What you did that you loved, what you wish you would have done, what you wish you wouldn’t have done, etc? Also I will welcome any and all money saving tips. Feel free to comment or message me or lecture me when you see me in public. I’m open to suggestions.


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2 responses to “Questions for the more experienced house builder.

  • Melissa

    From watching others build houses, I’ve learned that even if you pick everything, there will be some things you will wish you had done differently. I guess that’s not really encouraging, but at least it takes some of the pressure off! Most of it is just personal preference, I think. I hate carpet and would go hardwood or laminate upstairs. Ceramic tile is nice for a bathroom. Pedestal sinks don’t leave you much room to put your toiletries. Then again, not everyone has three different hair goops sitting out on the sink. Good luck with selling the house! I think a professional cleaner is totally worth it.

    • Toni

      I think I remember you saying that (about the professional cleaner!) We might just have to look into that after we make all our neccessary repairs. That’s going to be the really fun part! Thanks for the advice!

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