Workin hard or hardly workin.

Learned an interesting lesson today by accident.

Merrick is home sick from school. He’s slightly head-achey but not dying, so I gave him a tiny cup of coffee and threw him some scrap paper and let him have at it. He diligently cut and stapled and ripped and folded and taped for about two solid hours, hard at work constructing first a house, then a car, and then an apartment building. He kept asking me to help him, and I honestly meant to do just that–but there was the laundry, and the dishes, and then of course my own art to attend to. I left him pretty much alone to his own devices there on the living room floor, despite his persistance in asking me to get all up in his posterboard koolaid. And you know what?

He built his own apartment building complete with doors and windows and support walls and a roof, all completely without my help.

The takeaway here? Sometimes us moms and dads just need to back the funk off, at least when it comes to art and creativity. Is it perfect? No. Did he figure it out on his own? Sure did. Is he proud of it? Yes indeedy. And I? Am proud of him.

Workin' hard, or hardly workin'.

My little engineer in the making.


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