That’s a play on words, guys. Normally I say broseph, as in “What’s up, broseph?” But today I’m chowing down on pretty much everything that’s come out of my mouth in the past year. So crowseph it is.

Admission numero uno: turns out, fall festivals are not too shabby for Toni. Our church totally crushed it a couple weeks ago, and kids of all ages and backgrounds had such a good time that I feel compelled to state the following: I…like…fall festivals. I can scoff and be all coy when it comes to things like tossing bean bags but there’s something about LASER TAG that gets the joy bubbling down in my heart. Plus a hefty chunk of people asked about Sunday services–outreach mission accomplished. And also my kids did, in fact, get to go trick-or-treating for a little bit after the festivities, so there was plenty of day-after Reese’s peanut butter cups to be had for Caleb and me.

Admission numero…two: the actual process of house-building is taking some of the wind out of my sails. This junk is hard yo. I thought picking out lighting would be fun. And it might be, but first I gotta pick out doors and windows and then there’s the AC units and venting to figure out plus all kinds of terminology…and what if we wake up in the middle of the night to a pool of water in our living room and/or a fire raging in the attic? There will be no one to blame but ourselves.

Admission #3: I made the mistake of engaging my dad in a lively political debate during his visit a month ago. It was an accident, really, but in an effort to appear…um, not wrong, I stood my ground in an argument that wasn’t as important to me as it was to him. And I told everyone else in God’s great green creation that I have no hope for our country and no faith in its leaders.

Part of that is still true. I’m pretty bummed out over the job our elected officials are doing–or not doing. I couldn’t have predicted it, not really. Maybe some people saw it coming, but not me. I had the luxury of growing up super-duper happy and safe. My parents encouraged me and inspired me and taught me to be kind, forgiving, open-minded and optimistic. I never met one unsavory character in my life (until running into Caleb at a dance club one cold February night). I used to assume that anyone working in Washington was there with good intentions, and with the country’s best interests in mind; that everyone in the government would work together as a team, pass awesome laws that actually made sense, and get all the important jobs done on time.

That’s not how it is right now with Obama. I don’t think it’d be much different with Romney. I never placed my faith in either man. But when I was little (3 weeks ago) and I said our country’s future looked pretty freakin’ bleak, I was wrong.

We got 99 problems, but complacency? Is no longer one of them. The apathetic have become passionate. This needed to happen. We are awake, and aware, and fired up. Young or old, man or woman, liberal or conservative–everyone has something to contribute. Variety is the spice of life–my mom used to say that. Or maybe that was Morgan Freeman. I don’t know.

I do know that this country is full of hard-working, caring, amazing people. I am honored to have met many of them myself. I’m excited for our future and I’m actually proud to be a part of this moment in history–because it could be the start of something really great. We can only go up from here.


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