That time I came up for air.

Here’s 2 weeks worth of life since Thanksgiving: Ate leftover turkey. Got iced in. Researched colleges. Pulled my hair out. Worked selling hotdogs and stocking vending machines at a factory that smells like mushrooms and people look like they wanna hurt me. Drank hot chocolate with my kids. Read books to my kids. Christmas shopped. Did bible study. Ran errands. Cut my own hair. Painted. Went to the Christmas tree farm. Picked the first tree we saw. Decorated the tree. Broke down and got an Elf on the Shelf. Mia named him Kevin. Wrapped presents. Got snowed in. Didn’t clean my house. Drank more hot chocolate. Sold hotdogs. Drove on icy roads. Stalled out in the building processes because of the weather. Failed at helping Mia with double-digit long-division. Watched Cheyenne be a beast at tutoring fourth-grade math. Ran errands. Stocked vending machines. Signed permission slips. Did more college research. Cried because of the cold temperatures. Did a painting project with kids at church. Ran out of groceries. Watched documentary called “Death by China”. Stressed about greedy corporations. Stressed about Cheyenne’s college plans. Stressed about life in general. Sold hotdogs. Listened to Merrick read torturously slow. Called my mom. Didn’t clean my house.

And somewhere in there I took a shower or two. Promise.

This weekend promises to be crazy busy. Both Merrick and Cheyenne are participating in our town’s “Lighting of the Lights” ceremony/parade and I’m almost in tears thinking about how cold it’s gonna be…and how fast time has flown since Mia was in kindergarten singing carols at Lighting of the Lights.

Tears, people.

The house is on hold on account of the freezing cold icy snowy weather of December. Shoulda seen that coming, I guess. No biggie–just more time to do our research and make decisions, which is never a bad thing.

Things have been so busy this year that sadly I’ve neglected keeping in touch with family and friends. I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, only with a way less organized thought process. I can’t get words from my brain to my mouth and I’m sure people are wondering if I’ve had some sort of stroke when they listen to me talk/stutter/drift in and out of the conversation and stare blankly at thin air.

It’s embarrassing.

Sunday at my church we’re having a Christmas dinner/theater and then a silent auction featuring the collage-on-wood artwork that the Wednesday night crew helped create. The money raised from this auction will go towards art supplies for the OU Children’s Hospital art room, so that kids with cancer can therapeutically paint their cares away. My church has the most awesome, caring people. When they catch a vision, they’re unstoppable–kind of like the KGB, except more intimidating.

Also I am working on my Russian-Jamaican accent.

Caleb is in and out of town. He’s either busting his butt at work or busting it at house-building. Or being sweet to me. Last night was our anniversary, and don’t think for a second I’m not aware of the miracle that is our relationship. 9 years with each other is no easy feat when for at least half of that time we really put each other to the test. To celebrate, Caleb laid a Christmas card and a box of hazelnut pirouettes on my head while I was sleeping, which I never did notice even after I got up. And me? Well, I put on mascara. Because, you know, it’s been a banner year.

I love my husband more than I can even describe with words from my mouth, and that’s even without the hazelnut pirouettes.


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