Killin it on December 31st

…and so begins the last day of 2013. At Thanksgiving dinner, me and my family were all asked to write down the thing you were most thankful for. Instantly my head started spinning with all the splendorific blessings that God so splendidly blessed us with. Let’s take stock here, shall we?

  • We were kept safe from the tornadoes.
  • I sold some serious art this year.
  • Both my art sessions were a hit and I think my students really dug them.
  • We raised money for art supplies for the day camp that No Boundaries International put together for the kids in downtown OKC.
  • We raised money for supplies for the art room at OU Children’s Hospital.
  • We were welcomed into the homes of our friends for important holidays like Easter and Fourth of July and Thanksgiving and we were treated like family.
  • Mia realized she loved Jesus with all her heart and decided to follow Him all the days of her life.
  • Cheyenne kicked ridiculous butt on the ACT. Three times.
  • Merrick started playing t-ball and it was adorable.
  • Caleb and I got to take the kids to New Mexico, and it was wonderful and beautiful and everything we told them it would be.
  • We were able to buy property next to our best friends and start the grueling but fun process of building a house.
  • Caleb has a job and he loves it.
  • I have a job and I love it.
  • My sister had a precious baby boy; also many of my friends had awesome babies and I got to hold them all.
  • Both of my parents were able to come up for a week-long visit.
  • Cheyenne got to spend quality time with her dad and his family for 2 months in Maryland over the summer.
  • All my kids are smart and talented and funny and my husband is a sweetie pie who is handsome and my dogs have finally achieved canine behavioral perfection and my life is pretty much amazeballs.

AND THEN there was that whole I-lost-a-baby-way-after-I-should-have-been-in-the-clear thing.

Oh my God–it was so very hard. I was extremely visibly pregnant, and that baby had cemented its place in my heart. Come to find out? There was no genetic reason for what happened. In fact, as far as anyone could tell, there was no scientific physical reason at all.

But I count that sweet baby and the aftermath of my loss as one of the biggest blessings of my life. Next level y’all: I knew when that pregnancy test turned positive in January last year that God was going to do amazing things with our family. He did.

He strengthened and refined our faith. He focused our attention on what truly mattered. He showed us how loved we are by our family, friends, and community. He gave us the opportunity to witness to people who couldn’t understand where our peace was coming from. He made it possible to minister to people in similar situations.

He arranged all things for our good and the good of those who love Him.

And 2013? Has been one of our best years. Hands down, without a doubt or even a second thought.


PRAYER REQUEST: I am a little heavy-hearted and worried for a family we know and dearly love; a friend of ours–a mentor to Caleb and so many others; a leader and an encourager in our church family–is in the hospital. This man was instrumental in getting my husband and I on track in several aspects of our Christian walk; God has used him and his wife to bless the crap out of me whenever I least expected it and probably least deserved it. I believe in hardcore miracles–and so I most certainly believe in miracles when it comes to this man’s healing.

In church yesterday we read that God’s power in our lives here on Earth is so limitless, we don’t even know, you guys. I don’t like to think that anyone is sick and suffering at all, but God has been, is being, and will continue to be so glorified through our friend Kevin and his sweet wife Ann.


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