We have an official driveway and some seriously slabulous slabbage.



And when I say driveway what I mean is there is a hole cut in the fence where you can drive through the grass to where the giant block of concrete is. Let the framing begin…whenever.

Caleb is out at the farmstore as we speak, buying a metal gate for the driveway, and attempting to load it onto the top of our car. I’m sorry to miss such a sight since I have a feeling everyone who sees him with said 12 foot gate ontop of said car will have a good laugh.

Everyone else at my house has ebolic meningitis, which has got to be an actual disease because we’re all dying from it. The 300 mph winds aren’t helping, and here’s the thing of it: sometimes I exaggerate.

I watched Knives Over Forks on Netflix and won’t eat meat for the rest of my life, which is totally untrue because I just love meat so much. But maybe I will eat less meat. Or maybe just the meat of grass-fed animals. It really depends on how hungry I am. I’ve also recently found out that corn is pretty much the root of all evil, which I have no trouble believing since cornfields can lead to one of three things: a) aliens, b) zombies, or c) walking scarecrows. If any of the farms bordering our property plant corn during any given year, I may just have to vacate the premises until well after harvest season is over.

I’m thinking seriously about raising goats for food. Not sure I want to actually milk them; but the meat is supposedly leaner than chicken and more proteinous than beef. Step one: find a goat and eat it.

You know, to make sure I like it and all.

I’m actually so starving right now.

Today Caleb and I taught 3 year olds about King Josiah’s reforms. Fact: to teach 3 year olds, one must remove all distractions before diving into the lesson–I pick up and put away all the toys and books, leaving out only what we will be using for whatever activity we’re doing that day, and sometimes straight hiding the more irresistable toys in a tall, closed cabinet.

Interesting parallel: Before Josiah could really get on with the business of teaching his people about God’s Book of the Law, he first had to get rid of all the statues and poles and altars to idols–the distractions. And now I wonder how often I let distractions–good or bad–keep me from really getting serious with God and doing what He wants me to do. Just a thought.

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