Resting but not bed-resting but pretty much bed-resting.

…it’s super fun for about 2 hours. And then?

Everybody is out doing something. I’ve got laundry I know I can easily fold. Can’t I put chicken on a pan and turn on the oven, even?

After experiencing some unexplained and unsettling symptoms on and off over the last day or so, I finally went to the doctor for yet another check-up and ultrasound (a mere two days after my last appointment.) She didn’t totally bring the hammer down, but I have what’s known as a loving, concerned husband who has practically chained me to the couch until Monday’s follow-up. I’m surprised he didn’t leave me a bedpan.

And so here I sit, and I’ve started to notice a few things: the blinds are dusty. My dog still won’t eat his food. My toenail polish is chipped. It’s really quiet here during the day. There are about 4 good movies on Netflix and everything else is garbage. GARBAGE.

Caleb is protective and insistent. I love him for that. My kids are sweet and helpful. And the hours of sitting followed by the hours of laying are beyond worth it, my friends, so I won’t complain (too much).

Everything is fine for the moment–active, healthy-looking baby with a strong, regular heartbeat. My symptoms come and go. I know I’m not the first woman to ever deal with a high-risk pregnancy, where panic strikes every other day. In fact, there are people who go through so much worse and my heart goes out to them.

Shout out to Women’s Health Care of Norman here in Oklahoma: I won’t even pretend this is not a busy, busy clinic where women seem to be herded in and out like cattle by record numbers at record paces. I’ve been going here for 8 years; up until now I’ve never needed or wanted special attention and let me just say that my doctor and her staff are the single most knowledgeable, kind, patient, and loving people I’ve ever had the privilege of being cared for by, other than my own mother. When I tell them I feel weird, they drop everything and hug me, and then proceed to check me up one side and down the other and sometimes more, without judgement and without question. And when I sit there on the exam table trying not to shed any tears, they absolutely sob and tell me not to worry. And everytime they find my baby’s precious heartbeat, they take a huge sigh of relief right along with me and sob some more. So these guys? Are in charge of my every female medical need UNTIL I DIE.

You guys please say a prayer for my husband. I’m not an awesome “patient” ,and he is juggling all the fun stuff like lunches and dinners and drop-offs and pick-ups, and house-building and car repairs, and t-ball and softball. He’s a total champ but even Caleb gets frazzled from time to time. (Also: he didn’t say anything about not putting chicken in a crock pot.)

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4 responses to “Resting but not bed-resting but pretty much bed-resting.

  • Joell

    Praying for you, girl, and that sweet, sweet little one you are growing!

  • CMjax

    Praying for you all and thinking of you. You know I’ve totally BTDT, and all I can say is bedrest in your OWN home is a far blessing from bedrest in the prenatal/postpartum ward. Just enjoy these days. You will pine for them about two years from now when you throw yourself into bed after having been on your feet since 6am, just shy of 10 each night with piles of laundry and dishes still bellowing your name… 🙂 You know how it goes. It doesn’t make it any easier, just keep that little uterus pumping and rested. I am guessing your doctor suspects boy, they don’t usually call it earlier if it’s a girl. But we knew Mason was a boy at the 11-12 week u/sounds for sure. Granted, we had u/s every other day between 9-16 weeks, so we got some pretty consistent feedback. 🙂

  • CMjax

    I just realized this post is older, tend days or so. I am not on FB for Lent, but still thinking and praying for you regardless. I hope you are well. xx

    • Toni

      Thanks so much! I know you have definitely been on your share of bedrest and hospital stays and if anyone would know, it would be you! I’m actually cleared to get up and do things now, without “overdoing” it. So things have gotten better! Hope you guys are doing well 🙂

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