art update and also house and baby stuff.

As you may have guessed, I’ve decided to nix this spring’s art classes–a total bummer, considering my undying obsession with street art. A fall session may or may not be in the works; it depends on how very drained I am after selling my house, moving to the country, sending Cheyenne off to WVU, and having a baby all before the end of September.

We’ll see how it goes.

On the bright side, whoever does sign up for classes from now on will have the pleasure of painting at our farmhouse. The amazing first-floor studio Caleb and I designed will be disguised as a baby’s room for a solid year (or four), but that doesn’t mean I’m in for an art-free lifestyle.

In the mean time, I will be starting on a series of paintings that will most likely be taken to Roxy’s Funky Art Boutique over in Norman this coming month–so check it out if you’re into my sort of thing.

The house-building process is slow-going. We’re contracting out ourselves and we were prepared for hiccups and delays and time-sucks. But progress is being made:

IMG_4853 IMG_4854

So far, we’ve got a frame, a roof, and some windows. Next comes well and septic, plumbing, electricity, heat and AC, insulation, drywall, hardware and appliances, trimwork…possibly all to be wrapped up around the time Cheyenne graduates in May and 50 million family members visit us in the midst of moving. Excuse me while I stab myself in the brain.

Caleb is determined to get some chickens and sheep. I’m getting interested in the benefit of raising ducks. Problem: coyotes galore. I have nightmares about finding bloody poultry carcasses all over our backyard.

The baby is making progress, too. For the first time during this whole pregnancy, I am letting myself imagine what it will be like to hold a baby in my arms–just for a second. Healthwise, things are okay. I’m still on high risk which means no more working in the vending biz, no carrying even slightly heavy things, no standing or walking for very long. The inactivity is maddening and I can literally feel my butt growing. Believe me when I say most of my weight gain will not be contributed to the baby–I will have a lot of work to do this fall.

Good thing I will be running after children, chickens, and sheep.


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