College sucks and I hate it forever til I die.

I’m freaking out. Cheyenne’s summer plans took a turn for the financially lucrative and she will be leaving much, much sooner than the last week of August–that I was fully prepared for (*not prepared for at all whatsoever).

It now looks as though she will be gone in a matter of 6 short weeks.

I seriously just gave birth to her, for crying out loud!

I should be out doing a million and one errands. Instead, I’m sobbing over old photographs and reading sappy blog posts about becoming a responsible young lady who contributes to society. And, well, let’s face it–I could use the advice on that matter even still.

What I really want? Is for someone to hold me, and tell me everything is gonna be alright.

But this is good, right? I mean, we want our children to grow up and be productive and happy and independent. Don’t we? This is what we’ve been raising them to do. Isn’t it? I should be beaming with pride and passing out cigars because parents be smoking cigars for no reason all the time. Shouldn’t I?

Dang this crazy brilliant girl and the opportunities she has! I should have never told her she could go anywhere she wants to go and be anything she wants to be back when she was in kindergarten. On the plus side, I have 8 years before Mia is in a similar boat, during which time I will drill into her head the pros (no cons) of living at home for the rest of her natural life.

So guys–say hello to me and my permanent state of anxiety, plus a new credit card that gives me sky miles when I buy groceries.


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