The Need To Nest

So as it turns out, house-building is like opening a really exciting present that continually stabs you in the face for 9 months. It’s stressful and super-messy. It doesn’t start out that way, but it sneaks up on you and all the sudden BAM! There’s lumber and soda cans all over an empty shell of a house just when you need to be doing stuff like, um, life.

Behold, exactly where we are in the construction process:



The front porch plus a small glimpse of all the scrap wood and nails and trash that we have no idea what to do with.


Living room looking into the kitchen.


The upstairs hallway with the unintentionally ginormous window.


Merrick standing in his room looking at a bird that was trying, with great success, to make a nest in Mia’s room.


The doors we purchased from The Ghetto Door Store.


On the stairs…in his big brother shirt (squeeee!)


Standing next to the front door in the living room.


The garage. Boring.


I don’t know what triggered my sudden sense of urgency. I see the next 2 months zooming by before my very eyes, and June will be busy in it’s own special way (vacation bible school, church camp, my birthday celebration week, for example). July will be spent trying not to die of heat exhaustion and the kids start school in August. I plan on lounging pitifully on the couch until I go into labor by mid-September.

So you see, we have a small window of time to complete this bad boy. I won’t even bring up selling our current place, and packing and cleaning and moving…oh hello, panic attack. I’ve been expecting you.

Caleb doesn’t know it yet, but I have some great ideas as far as finishing touches go. Nautical-ish outdoor lights for indoor spaces? Done! Red-and-white-checkered bathroom floor? Please and thank you! Prolific mural work on every wall? Don’t mind if I do!


Just trying to stimulate the minds of 3 impressionable young children, folks. And if I had my way, you’d be able to see our house from outerspace:

rainbow house

I guess I could always pitch the idea of charging admission to visitors wishing to tour a crazy rainbow house. God bless my husband’s patient little down-to-earth heart.


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