tornados, cowboys, steak dinners, and baby names.

So…are anyone else’s kids unusually freaked out over this cloudy spring weather? I can’t really blame them; my nerves are still shot from last year’s tornado season. We’re supposed to have severe weather all weekend–something about the threat of a tornado outbreak makes me want to shave my legs. Actually, I can pin this logic down: 1) either the power goes out and I don’t get a shower for a week or 2) I’d hate for a rescuer to pull me out from underneath some rubble by my cactus legs–I’m just trying to be considerate here, people.

Today is the Kindergarten Statehood Celebration/Land Run day at Merrick’s school. Last night he suddenly thought he needed a cowboy hat, and because I’m a sucker for 5-year-old country boys, we made a run to Atwoods. And here he is, standing proudly in his Oklahoma attire:

COULD NOT convince him to put his jeans over his boots. Could. Not.

Why, yes, he DID write his initials on the underside of his hat with a permanent marker immediately upon arrival home from the store last night.

I could not convince him to pull his jeans over his boots. COULD. NOT.

Cheyenne’s Top 10% Banquet went pretty well the other night. All the parents that were there got teary-eyed at one point or another. My story was by far the least embarrassing story told. And I got to eat steak that came from God Himself. Well, at least it came from a cow that God specifically designed to GET IN MY STOMACH.

You guys, though. We have some serious hope for the future in teenagers like the ones I saw Tuesday. Each one of them, hardworking, self-sacrificing, and determined. They’re all headed for great things, and I’m so, so, so proud of our Cheyenne:



Cheyenne’s best friend’s mom is also pregnant with her fourth child; we will both be “replacing” our college-aged daughters with newborn baby girls, a whopping 3 days apart in September. The difference? She does not look one week pregnant, while I…am somewhere between giving up all movement entirely, or needing a back-brace with some belly support-straps in order to make it through the next month.

Here’s that time we told the kids they were getting a sister:

The anticipation...

The anticipation…

The shock...

The shock…

The glee...

The glee…

And the...more glee.

And the…more glee.

Nobody was disappointed, but we were all pretty much in disbelief. Even Merrick, who wanted his “Timmy” more than anything in the world, jumped up and down for joy at the thought of having a little sister. Honestly, he’s just excited to achieve big-brother status. Mia’s over the moon. Cheyenne is pleased…she won’t be here when the baby is born and I think that makes these pregnancy milestones a little bittersweet for her. And for me.

For the first time in our child-bearing years, Caleb has become the one to suggest, fall in love with, and settle, on a name–a beautiful name, I might add–instead of waiting until the child’s due date to come up with a short list. I’m not quite ready to share it with the world just yet, but Caleb is sold and he’s just so adorable about it that I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to.

So here was our running family list as of the other day:


We just might be the world’s most random people. Make your predictions accordingly.


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