real life.

Part of building your own house is actually building. Your own house. Behold, we are now in the siding-installation phase of construction:

This is me, not helping.

This is me, not helping.



Would you look at that gorgeous trim work?!! Caleb knows how to saw wood like a total boss. And yes, it might take forever to get this all done, but here are some advantages to not hiring a contractor:

  1. Project! Squeee!
  2. $20,000 in our pockets!
  3. Quality time with the hubster!
  4. Bragging rights!
  5. Valuable (and endless) lessons in patience!

Honestly, I have helped very little. I did hold up siding one day while Caleb drilled it down, but otherwise my participation has been limited due to the giant human baby I am growing in my own body. I promise I didn’t plan this on purpose: “What’s that Caleb? We can build a house as long as I’m able to help you? Sure! I probably won’t get pregnant and will totally be able to lift things and stand on my feet all day in the hot sun.”

I am hoping that in 3 months, we’ll be able to say it was all worth it while swinging on our front porch, sipping coffee, and staring at a view similar to this:

Sunrise from my soon-to-be neighbor's front porch.

A glorious morning on my soon-to-be neighbor’s front porch.

People, I’m beyond blessed in every way a person can be beyond blessed. Every night I pray and I thank God for everything He’s given me.

real life

Plus also? I caught a fish.

Okay, Merrick caught it. A couple weeks ago, he begged me to take him down to the neighborhood pond to fish with hotdogs. Who the hell knew fish liked hotdogs? I didn’t expect to catch anything and that was perfectly fine with me. Except right away, Merrick plunked his line straight into fish central and pulled up a fat nasty wriggly little bad boy:



The hook was attached to the fish’s mouth! I couldn’t get it out without touching the fish! After about FOREVER of tugging with no luck, I dropped the fish back in the water for a second to get some good gulps of liquid air. I pulled it up again. Cheyenne was cackling by this point and Merrick was getting impatient with me. I grabbed that slimy fish and pulled and pulled and I thought I was going to have to rip its mouth straight off its face–and all the sudden, the hook came loose. Merrick tossed the fish back in the water and it swam off into the depths of the pond. Worst 4 minutes of my life. I’m not sure I’d ever go fishing again had Merrick not said this at that moment: “Here are the three things I love the best in life: God, my family, and fishing with you.”


The boy knows how to schmooze.

Now if only he’d learn how to install siding.


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