april showers

This morning I woke up to non-awesomeness happening in my hometown:

pcola flood

pcola flood4

pcola flood3

20-something inches of rain in less than one 24-hour period. Pensacola is not known for its dry, arid climate, but dang!

My family took their time waking up today, probably because they dealt with ridiculous thunderstorms and lightning and flooding well into the wee hours of the morning. They’re all okay, and I only freaked out a little bit when I couldn’t reach them on their cell phones.

thatd be great

My mom even got to spend the night at work!

pcola flood 2

And if you don’t already know about flash flooding in the Mobile and Pensacola areas, take note:


Ah, memories. Takes me back about 10 years ago, to Hurricane Ivan: Caleb, me, Cheyenne, Mia, and the not-so-open evacuation route to Jackson, Mississippi. (READ: when a 4-hour drive is actually more like 13-hours.) We woke up the next morning to news footage of mass destruction in Florida. Cell phones were busy being worthless and I couldn’t get ahold of my parents for what seemed like 800 hours.

It was good times, but I’m sure panic attacks are nothing compared to what Pensacola is dealing with right now. The whole town was–and parts of it still are–underwater, literally. Streets I drove down daily, places I used to shop, parks we used to play at…the photos of devastation are heartbreaking and unreal.

So you guys please pray with me for my friends and family and for the people of Pensacola. The rain has died down for now but there is a serious recovery effort to be had in the weeks and months to come.



In other more local non-news, I am consumed with all things baby–when I’m not at softball or t-ball games or practices. Or when I’m not helping Caleb with siding our house. Or cleaning. Or cooking. Or grocery shopping. Yes sirree bob, I am plotting and planning the nooks and crannies of a kick-A nursery. I am brushing up on my mad labor-and-delivery skillz. And I’m trying not to eat myself out of house and home.

I have determined the baby is psychotic. This is the most moving-aroundest child I have ever kept in my tummy. She sits still for nobody or nothing. Doctors be like “We can’t find your baby’s heartbeat,” and then I get yet another ultrasound. I am having a human pinball.

And I’m okay with that.



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