the calm (?) after the storm.

This is happening in my house right now:

Merrick: “Rabbit Fire! Aaauuuuggghhh!”

Mia: “It’s not rabbit fire, dork, it’s Rap of Fire!”

And then with the supersonic cackling and screeching, and the inevitable breaking of my entire couch while Walking With Dinosaurs blares in the background.

I don’t have the heart to tell them it’s rapid fire.

My kids have gotten extra…loud this summer. Plus they’ve suddenly developed ninja skills that have never before been seen in my living room. It’s like ages 6 and almost-10 have combined to create the perfect storm. Mia and Merrick have turned straight bonkers. It’s non-stop laughing and flipping and banging, while I sit here at 9:00 a.m., all pregnant and exhausted, just listening and waiting for someone to get hurt.

At least they play good (?) together.


My husband spends his days and nights working at his actual job, working on the house, and coaching t-ball. He’s getting such an awesome tan that I’m kind of jealous–I’m thinking about joining him out there at the property.

…with a radio and a lawn chair, where I can put my feet up while I watch him scramble up 2 stories to install the last of the siding. I would say I’m just kidding, except that I really can’t help Caleb install siding.

He’s busting his butt y’all. It’s so sweet. He even mowed all these crazy little twisty-turny paths through the tall grass in the back part of the pasture for me to walk through. He’s been going ape with the shop-vac, trying to get everything as tidy as possible on the inside, which is sort of a lost cause until we install the garage doors, and the wind stops blowing red dirt into every crevice of the first floor.

2 things you don’t give a lot of thought to before building:

Annoying house-building hurdle: Robbers. A couple weeks ago, someone actually took our gate off its hinges in the middle of the night and welcomed themselves to a table saw, a generator, and lots of other piddly tools. Rude! I have a feeling they were looking for copper wiring and junk; unfortunately for them, we are ridiculously slow house-builders and weren’t even close to that stage of construction. We were set back about a week. Is this just part of the process? New houses get broken into all the time in neighborhoods filled with people, so I should expect it at our place way out in the middle of nowhere, right? People are crazy, and that’s what insurance is for.

Horrible house-building problem: snakes and rodents. We got Mrs. Frisby and the freaking rats of NIMH all up on that property, and aside from keeping things mowed and picked up, I’m not sure we can keep them from invading our house once we actually move in. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated but please note I do not trust myself with a machine gun, otherwise that option would have already been explored, believe that. (Rap of fire and whatnot.) I am, however, surprisingly open to a trained army of farm cats.



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2 responses to “the calm (?) after the storm.

  • Frank Sr.

    I have a Ranch in Nevada and we had a rat problem with the cattle feed. Got a Rat Terrier dog standard size killed over 150 rats in one week and the grand kids love her. She is great with kids, Franky the two year old pulls on her lays on her hugs her etc.. and she just gives him the occasional kiss.

    • Toni

      Thanks for the tip! I’d be willing to take in another dog, especially if it means less mice! Less mice, less snakes! The only thing I might worry about with a small dog would be coyotes attacking it.

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