I stand corrected.

Confession: I am no doctor. Are you shocked? As it turns out, I read my glucose test results wrong. I got the diabetes! So, I get to pay a dietician $300 to tell me to eat healthy and exercise. And then I get to (gulp) eat healthy and exercise. Plus attend a “Hi, My name is Toni, and I’m a diabetic” class. And also check my blood 4 times a day.

I suppose this explains my extreme fatigue. I know nothing of diabetes. Apparently there’s more to healthy eating than skipping dessert; my doctor mentioned something about proteins and fats and quite honestly, once the conversation takes a turn for the 5th-grade-textbook, I start zoning out.

Deep breath.

Here are some of my blessings:

Gestational diabetes usually goes away after one gives birth.

I’ve had no problem delivering ginormous babies before.

It stormed last night and all the grass in our town is green.

I watched “The Monuments Men” and it was very good indeed.

Ball season is almost over.

I got to hold babies today at our church’s vacation Bible school.

In fact, I kind of smell like a baby still right now.

My children are precious.

Jesus loves me.

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