Reasons My Son is Awesome.

  1. The first suggestion on his list of things to do during Mom and Son Week 2014 was pedicures at the mall. I kid you not.
  2. He said this morning, and I quote: “I love your stretch marks, Mom. They are so cool. They look like tiger stripes. I wish I had some.”
  3. He asked if we could eat breakfast in bed because “that will give us more time to cuddle before we have to get up.”
  4. He is all about having cheese grits for dinner.
  5. He is kind of the best boy in the whole wide world.

We are surviving camp week–Caleb and Mia left yesterday and already, Merrick and I have crammed in toy shopping, pedicures (polish for me, foot rub for him), lunch, swimming lessons, plus cleaning and cooking and just generally going on with our bad selves. I am so enjoying this time with my son, after the hustle and bustle of the last few months, yet before the crazy back-to-school/moving/new baby rush that will start up in just a few short weeks. Time is going by too fast for me.

I love my son. I love my son. I just love him.


My soon-to-be middle child. (Well, one of them anyway.)


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