new starts.

School has started. For the first time ever in their lives, my little kids went to a different place than where they’re used to, away from anyone and anything they know…15 minutes down the highway.

Their new school is just up the road from our new house–it’s a little bitty country school that I was skeptical about at first, but after making several visits out there and reading parent reviews and going over state-issued “school report cards”, (which I don’t normally put a lot of stock into, but if a school’s “grade” is an “A”, then I’m going to assume it’s probably a wonderful place as opposed to “good” or even just “decent enough”)…I felt that the right thing to do was to go ahead and transfer Mia and Merrick. There is one teacher for each grade. All the students in a particular grade have pretty much grown up with each other. In the morning the entire school, pre-k through 8th grade, meets in the auditorium to sing songs, say the pledge, and have a moment of “quiet time”–and we all know what that actually means, and we all know how fine that is with me.

I did say it was a little bitty country school, right?

I was so nervous for them yesterday, though I tried not to show it. Caleb did a crappier job than I did of playing it cool. Anxiety oozed out of his every pore. Mia was worried about making friends and Merrick was worried about getting lost–both of them did great and at the end of the day, got into the car saying, and I quote: “That was the best day I ever had!”

I assume the rest of the year will follow suit.

Truth be told, I’m just glad they didn’t have a horrible first day.

Cheyenne should be getting all settled at WVU today. It kills me that I’m not there to help move her in, even though I know she’s got it under control. I’m so proud of her I could just throw up and I can’t wait to see pictures of her dorm and get the lowdown on her room mate. I have a list of questions that I’d like answered:

Are the bathrooms dirty? Do you have to share a shower? Is it gross? Are the shower curtains clean or are they mildewed? Do people just poop in the toilets and then you have to use them right afterwards? Do you hate that? Because I would, because I don’t like stranger poop.

Where do you do your laundry? Did you remember to buy a laundry basket? Do you have a closet that you can hang your clothes in? Is it big enough for all your clothes? Will you have to give clothes away? Do your shoes take up too much space?

Do you have a window? What’s outside the window?

Is the AC cold enough? Do you sweat at night or are you chilly? Did you get sheets and blankets? What’s the thread count on your sheets? That can make a difference in how comfortable you are and how good of sleep you get. You have to go to bed early because you have school in the morning. What time do you go to bed? Are your classes hard?

How far do you have to walk? Are there a lot of trees? Have your dranken coffee and worn an unneccessary scarf with hipster glasses yet? Have you made friends? Is college everything they said? Do you like West Virginia? Do you want to come home? Do you want us to come pick you up or do you want to fly on a plane?

Oh my gosh you guys COLLEGE.


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