Go, and be awesome.

Pregnancy stuff: I have one pair of grungy red flip-flops that I can still (barely) fit my swollen fat feet into.

I can’t move very well. I feel like my insides are about to fall out. Sharp, shooting electric shocks are attacking my lady parts at an alarming rate of, oh, ALL THE TIME. I pre-registered at the hospital so that when labor unexpectedly goes down, everything will be ready. Except in doing so, the time will never come and I’ll be holding out until September 4th.

No biggie. 2 weeks give me plenty of opportunity to wash baby clothes and maybe clean my house.

…orrrrrrr probably just wash the baby clothes.

I’ve been sewing stuff. Baby leggings. Baby hats. Baby headbands. Hand-stitched. With my hands. Like a boss. My baby will be stylin’ and profilin’, wrapped in swaddling clothes upcycled out of my old t-shirts.

Non-pregnancy stuff: Michael Brown and Ferguson. ISIS and Iraq. Ebola. ALS. Why is everything so scary? Has everybody lost their damn mind? CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?

No, seriously–can we not?

I have to say, the world seems like an especially discouraging place lately. But we didn’t start the fire–there have been riots, and bad guys, and disease, and pregnant women with severe elephantitis of the feet, as far back as history can possibly trace. That’s not exactly comforting, but I have to remember that God has seen it all before, and that those who put their love and trust in Him will never be left alone in this messy life.

Now let’s get out there and be loveable today, people.

And that’s the extent of my word for the day, because typing is causing my hands to swell and I have to order groceries online while I ice my ankles.


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