All the things.

Several things: Twitter is complicated and I quit.

My house smells like wet dog.

I haven’t dusted my ceiling fans in 6 months so I’m thinking today would be a good day to attempt it.

Merrick has staples in the back of his head due to an unfortunate run-in with a coffee table. The whole ordeal hardly surprised me or upset me because, well, at this point I expect only the unexpected.

The unexpected does not include labor of course–I would be way too prepared for that to actually happen.

I ate spicy food AND managed to power walk the neighborhood yesterday evening–any contractions I was having have stopped entirely, and I suddenly feel super spry. (Oh didn’t I mention it? I came down with some weird 24-hour bug-thing and started having wicked bad labor pains Saturday.) Baby will most likely be holding out for sure until the 4th when I go to the hospital to have her yanked out against her will. I don’t care about doing things naturally at this point because, you know–I’m slightly uncomfortable.

The kids and I have discovered The Incredible Dr. Pol, and we love it.

Caleb and his brother have been slaving away at the farmhouse in the heat and humidity, running the duct work for the air conditioning system. In another week or so we should have insulation and drywall started. I’m hoping this is where the process starts to go really fast. Mainly because I’m very much over Caleb being more than 5 feet away from me at any given time and I’m ready to have him home, sitting on the couch with me and also telling me that I look pretty even with a belly the size of Saskatchewan.

That is all.


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