Quiet time.

Here’s our newest kid!


Her name is Arbor, she weighs over 9 pounds, and she is pretty much the bombest baby you’ve ever seen.

Also: we all feel like we’ve been hit by a train, because Arbor is not really into sleeping.

Well I mean, she does sleep, just not when I want her to. But that’s the way it always goes, and that’s why Netflix streams episodes of The Office.

We’re tired but all very happy. The one person who could make it even remotely cooler is in West Virginia, which is unfortunate because only she knows the good kind of Starbucks coffee I like. I won’t even tell you how it feels to have a newborn and a college-aged kid to worry about at the same time.

Labor went okay. I came. I saw. I blinked my eyes and pushed out a great big giant baby. The hospital people were beyond sweet and helpful.

God is good. Like, all the time.

It’s been the best 3 days.


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