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Things here on Day 4 with the baby are awesome. She sleeps a lot, poops a lot, and eats a lot. And she sprouts shark teeth at feeding times.

I’ve been praying too–because that first month of breastfeeding is agonizingly painful, and going to the bathroom (well, really even making it to the bathroom) after delivering a 9-pound + baby requires a radical devotion to God.

No matter how many kids I’ve had, I forget what a fun-suck those first post-partum weeks can be, physically.

So let me tell you what a blessing my kids are instead: my kids are such a blessing.

And, since we’ve gotten so many comments on it–mostly positive–I will now share with you our thought process in choosing this baby’s name.

Confession: I wanted to call her “Harbor”. Confession número dos: Caleb is the one who actually came up with our daughter’s first and middle names. (What kind of flighty weirdo artist mother am I?)

I don’t know if it was divine inspiration–he was sitting on the couch watching tv and eating his 11:00 p.m. nachos, so it might very well have been–but I was in love with it from the moment he casually uttered it from his lips. And also? In shock, because it’s taken me years to break him out of a nasty “Madison” fixation.

Y’all, my husband is just not creative when it comes to the baby names.

So I took that bait like a friggin’ rabid piranha in the dry season, declaring it top contender, name above all names.

Arbor. There was really no way to go wrong with it: it was unusual, maybe even slightly romantic. It was nature-y . It was sturdy.

Sigh–Arbor: for if she’s into trees…or selling herbs (um…). Or making wine. Mainly I like to think of the kind of arbor that people build in their gardens. The beautiful, strong and solid kind of arbor that provides support for climbing roses or some junk.

Anyway you look at it, good things come from arbors.

And so far, that’s turning out to be true in our case:



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