Post-partum suckage.

Day 1 of crying in our jammies. Oh hello, hormones. I’ve been expecting you. I’m taking deep breaths and giving thanks for these moments.

It’s nothing I haven’t been through before, but let me just speak to new moms right now: my skin is crawling. I’m sweaty and tired and achey all over. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything and I feel like I could maintain that position for at least another year.

I kind of want a healthy salad but I also want a big fat piece of chocolate cake. Everything is overwhelming, even simple things like taking a shower or making a sandwich for lunch. I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel about house construction or house repairs or cleaning/packing/moving/selling right now.

My eyes are constantly brimming with tears. One minute my heart is breaking for no apparent reason, and the next it’s singing Frozen songs and getting ready to go for a walk in the sunshine. Except I forget that Frozen songs make me think of Cheyenne and then my heart breaks again, and I’ll never stop crying.

Little Arbor is hardly a challenge. She’s so sweet and tiny and soft and she’s the highlight of everyone’s day around here. I’ll take her chubby cheeks and soft murmurings any day over…anything at all, pretty much. There’s no better medicine that having a cuddly baby gently snoring on your chest.



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