The good stuff

Here’s what’s up: I’m about to get so fat y’all. People have been bringing us the most delicious dinners and desserts; my family hasn’t eaten this good since…the last time people brought us dinners and desserts. Church meals after childbirth: they’re a beautiful thing.

Last night I managed to get in a full 45-minutes of sleep. I deal with the fatigue by thinking of my BFF who has not one, but TWO babies to feed and change and rock and burp, and change again, in the dark of the night–I actually feel energized just thinking about my solo baby and her cluster-feeding ways.

Other stuff that is awesome:

Spice World is on Netflix.

My mom and my sister are visiting one week from now.

Caleb is wrapping up on his share of the brunt work on the house. Nothin’ but hired help from here on out, at least for the big stuff. We are this close to getting insulation and sheetrock installed–after that, we will slowly begin the transfer of clutter from this place to that place in the hopes of selling this place in a fast way. If you know anyone that needs a 1700 square foot brick house on a 1.5 acre lot in a growing suburb of the greater Oklahoma City area, stand by. We’re almost there.

Highs in the 70s: Glory be to God in the highest, maker of heaven and earth, of all things seen and unseen. Fall weather is probably the weather in heaven. I can’t back that up; some things you just know, you know?

The kids are out at the property shooting watermelons and pumpkins with BB guns as we speak. Quality time with dad–a long overdue necessity after a boring week at home with a new baby sister and an exhausted, temperamental mommy.

There are tons of other good things going on in our lives, no matter how tired we get or how post-partum deppressy we feel: 1) We have a Good God. 2) We have a loving and supportive network of family and friends. And 3) This baby:



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