And in 3. 2. 1…mastitis.

This is happening right now.


I’m totally kidding. You won’t ever catch me wearing a cabbage bra.

Actually, ask me that in 2 days, because mastitis sucks and if I’m not feeling better, I’m liable to try anything.

For those of you who don’t know, mastitis is a boob infection. You are achey and fevery like you have the flu. Plus also your boobs feel like they’re about to fall off, and you kind of wish they would. And you stop making as much milk for your baby and she gets all huffy because she’s starving or something.

I seriously get why women quit breastfeeding. I’ve been so exhausted and weak and in pain that I’ve contemplated quitting myself–except then I remember we can’t afford hundreds of dollars a month in formula. I’m on strict orders–yet again–to sit on my butt and rest, something I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about once the baby was born. Apparently this is God’s way of telling me to chill out during her first weeks.

My doctor called in some antibiotics and I will soon be on the mend. Arbor is eating every hour on the hour. Mia and Merrick have been total champs in
dealing with my neglectfulness as a parent. And Caleb is taking up the slack, and making a craft out of it, and then spanking that slack and putting it to bed as Mr. Mom/Dad/Husband/Coach/chauffeur/builder/maid/cook/nurse/doer of all the things.

We are managing. Everything is going pretty well, aside from my technical difficulties. I feel so utterly blessed by my family, and our friends.

I now leave you with a picture of Arbor in a baby maxi skirt I made out of an old t-shirt. Notice how stoked she is to be wearing it.


She can’t even.


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