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In case you were wondering, yes–I have indeed fallen off the face of the earth. I blacked out pretty much the entire month of September. What I do remember of it was really great–snuggling a baby, delicious meals from thoughtful friends, and a most excellent visit from my mom, sister, and nephew.

The kids still love their new school. The new house is still in progress. I manage to get about 4 to 5 hours’ worth of sleep total, each night, and Caleb? He actually just became Super Amazing Man of the Year. (When you see him, though, don’t ask for his autograph and do not make eye contact; do not look at him in his eyes.)

Arbor is one of the sweetest most cutest babies I’ve ever had the privilege of mothering. It’s so difficult for me everyday to refrain from actually eating her up. She enjoys being held 24/7, short walks around the block at sunset (usually in my arm, while my other arm pushes the stroller she refuses to sit in), and staying up all hours of the night staring at me and pooping out the back of her diaper.

Also she has major gas issues, presumably from the antibiotics I am still taking for mastitis.

On another note, it’s October in Oklahoma, when the grass turns green again after a long, ruthless summer, and all the colors of everything everywhere are amplified, and the sky at sunset makes you wonder if this is, in fact, real life. You can literally feel the freaking glory of God in the air in Oklahoma in October, and I feel sorry for people who live on their own private Caribbean island or in a Tuscan villa in Italy because THEY DONT EVEN KNOW.

You guys hear that? It’s the sound of me and the delightful people of the prairie being blessed. We might deal with some crazy weather every other month out of the year, and others might call this place a no man’s land, but October is when we get ours.

And I love this baby:


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